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This was shot for the June ’17 issue of Men’s Health Magazine. We worked with food stylist Brita Du Plessis on this one, and her simple yet tasty recipes are ‘guarenteed crowd-pleasers’.

Spaghetti Bolognaise – ‘Improve a classic with lean, protein -packed ostrich mince, and fibre rich baby marrow.’

Veggie Chilli Tacos – ‘Where meat-free Mondays and take-out treat day collide: clean meal that tastes delicious.’

Coconut Fish Fingers and Sweet Potato Chips – ‘Kid-friendly fish ‘n chips, and hold the carbs.’

Butternut, Apple Mash and Porkies – ‘Because everyone’s childhood should include bangers and mash – and this one comes without grease.’

Chicken Sauerkraut Hotdogs – ‘Who says hotdogs are bad for you? This combination of Protein and probiotics certainly ain’t.’